We provide professional platforms for education

We make them as user-friendly as possible

What is e-LEA?

e-LEA technology is an educational IT ecosystem - providing dedicated and professional educational platforms for organizations such as universities and companies.

Live online lectures, video or audio materials, quizzes exams and more

e-LEA Mobile app

Learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want. Whether you use a tablet, smartphone, Android or iOS. Everything is here!

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After finishing the installation of the App on your smartphone or tablet, start the login: In the start-up window, enter your login to the platform and the last password you have given That’s all – have a nice learning experience!

What distinguishes educational platforms launched in e-LEA technology?

your own educational platform in 1 day

mobile applications for Android and iOS

live lectures for 250 users

availability on all devices


Educational platform for your university or company

ready ... even in 1 day)

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  • e-LEA provides professional, individual, platforms for universities or companies. The development process takes 1 hour – the implementation takes only 1-5 days.
  •  Free mobile apps for Android and iOS – running without any additional configurations – immediately after the launch of the e-LEA based platform.
  • Any number of online lectures “live” up to 250 and soon up to 1000 users on each of them. Possible availability of the lecture recording.
  • Learn using any device that has internet access via a browser and free mobile apps for Android and iOS.

no limits

communicator for team learning

No more problems with your own servers

no more technical support problems


No limits and security - provided by the world's
most powerful cloud solutions

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  • The platform has no limits on the number of users or the number of educational materials: live lectures, video, audio, graphics, exams or quizzes.
  • Use the messenger inside the platform. It is designed to support group learning and communication with lecturers.
  • The e-LEA technology provides cloud-based platforms on what is recognized as the largest and most secure cloud solutions in the world. We are proud to confirm the implementation of the 2020/21 migration of the e-LEA ecosystem from AWS to Microsoft Azure.
  • e-LEA is in charge and responsible for the technical support. universities or companies can focus on educating students or employees and not on operating the platform.

clarity and intuitiveness

Subject based groups and categories

reporting and analytics


e - l e a

The power hidden under such a delicate shell

better learning outcomes through readability

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  • Users of the platform have constant access to learning materials and undertake learning at their own pace.
  • Create competency groups and share educational materials in them – easier than ever. Eliminate the effect of information overload for users.
  • A platform based on e-LEA technology will look like an organization’s own platform within minutes.
  • more engaged users and better learning outcomes thanks to gamification features known from games – applied to the educational process

24/7 access

flexibility without overload

custom branding for each platform

compare group results


Availability and flexibility

analytics and support

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  • Simplicity of finding educational materials through intuitive search engines. Assessment of the highest intuitiveness of the platform expressed by 98% of people using the platform.
  • Add materials without quantity limits. Categories will help you add as many courses as you need.
  • Verify the progress of the entire organization, individual users. Generate reports containing key information.
  • By comparing the results of competency groups – you get to know the best practices that increase the level of learning results and can help every user of the platform.