The e-Lea technology is an educational IT ecosystem – providing dedicated and professional learning platforms – called LSM (Learning Management System) – for organizations such as universities and companies. Each platform has personalization features and is equipped with all the functions to realize digital education.

Making the platform available is usually no more than 1 day. However, its implementation depends on the organization (university or company) that will use it. Usually the implementation of the platform takes up to 1 week with even thousands of users, groups, categories and courses. 

Yes! Placing your own materials is possible as it is one of the basic functions of the Platform in e-Learning Technology. Materials may be placed in any number of categories, which may contain an unlimited number of courses, which courses may contain an unlimited number of educational modules such as: virtual classroom, videos, audio, graphics, or exams and quizzes. Thanks to the access to a selected, optimal amount of materials you will avoid the effect of information overload for users.

On platforms built on e-LEA technology there are no limits to the number of users or the amount of educational materials: virtual classroom, video, audio, graphics, exams or quizzes

Free apps for the platform in e-LEA Technology are available in: App Store for iOS smartphones and tablets, and Google Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets. Here are the app download addresses for iOS: , for Android: . Below the Q&A you will find a section linking to the stores where you will be able to download the app….

Yes! Support in the implementation or delivery of educational materials is one of the basic tasks of e – l e a. Contact us and we will present options for support on the topic of training materials. There are many possibilities and it is worth discussing. Call 500 11 22 22 or email

Educational materials possible to place on the platform in e-LEA Technology are: video (mp4), audio (mp3), graphic (pdf) exams and quizzes. An important element is the functionality of an unlimited number of lectures – a virtual classroom with up to 250 participants (soon even up to 1000 participants) using Microsoft Teams technology.

e-LEA mobile app

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