Combine personal training with online training

An article published by Entrepreneur magazine shows that both in-person and online training have inherent benefits. The aforementioned InterCall survey found that 50% of employers felt that in-person training helped them fully understand the training material. Considering the fact that a supervisor would be able to answer employees’ questions during the training. 
But what if our supervisor leaves the workplace, and employees trying to apply their newly acquired skills find a problem? This is probably why as many as 48% of those surveyed said that they still want to have access to educational materials at a later time. Such a solution is offered by platforms that enable online education.
By combining both in-person and online training, employees are able to better understand the information during training. And constant access to up-to-date, structured learning materials will make it easier for them to learn, and help them solve any problems they may encounter in the future.

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