Let everyone learn at their own pace

In an article published by the acclaimed business magazine Entrepreneur, it is shown how important it is to choose the right pace of learning when educating teams.

The author states that “one way to provide team-friendly education is to incorporate online courses.  According to a survey conducted by the Association for Talent Development, only 16% of 340 companies surveyed use online training methods that allow employees to set their own pace. Because employees are unable to learn from training materials at their own pace, they are forced to rush through topics that are complicated for them. This prevents them from processing the information they’ve been learning which severely affects the learning process.  In a study done by Harvard Bussiness School, it was found that participants who had the opportunity to learn at their own pace, who were able to consolidate their knowledge performed better compared to employees whose learning pace was imposed from the top. The conclusion is one→ Training employees through e-learning provides them with the freedom of learning and gives them constant access to tasks and training materials enabling fast and effective learning”. 

Is it worth it? We have no doubt that it is, or at least it’s worth a try. You can do it together with a professional e-lea platform. 

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/253023

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